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The Gang

  • Andrea Duarte

    Andrea Duarte

    The Boss

    Just…the Boss!

  • Kay



    In the world of advertising is an award winning jack of all traits, a master of just one trait, perfection. Kay is his name not Jack and no matter whether he’s being an instructor in tights or playing the role as a performer, his underlying 2 principles still disillusions him into believing that he still could be a rock star one day.

    Finding his way by composing electronic music using technology after years of national service, his motto to live by inspirations and live to inspire is something he dearly wishes to share with musicians alike.

  • Shah Haron

    Shah Haron


    An ever efficient, fiery pocket-rocket, blessed with bat like sonic ears, giving him the gift of guidance. Shah designs sound to be like that of blinding ray of sunshine, brightening up anyone’s cloudy or moody day in an instant. A trick some say is quirky, but a skill he delicately nurtured and developed over 14 years of dedication to his craft.

    A solid 6 string attitude and amplitude work ethic to boot, is what makes Shah the modern guitar hero.

  • Jenny

    Jenny Ho


    After a long, hard, back breaking day of shopping, eating and overspending, Jenny is usually found flat out and focused on her extremely busy schedule which mainly consists of sleeping and dreaming of more eating and when she can go out and overspend again. During her free time however, she is found working hard, amongst the hooks and crooks, grinning ear to ear at her desk, searching intently for the right tool for the right job and usually with headphones on, she comes up trumps every time.

    Jenny has been around the block for a good ten years and is known in audio production circles as the reliable, gentle and warm, super kind, smiley girl who has time for everyone except herself.

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